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tIMAGINARIUM will show you designer clothes, accessories, jewellery, perfumes, art and interior objects from many parts of the world (Belgium, France, Brazil, Japan, S. Korea, Hong Kong,  as well as Australia.) Also this small boutique has the selection of  its own label  TIMAGINARIUM as well as rare brands like Heliana Lages (Brazil), Sorority (S. Korea), Jean Paul Knott (Belgium), My Red Lippy (Sydney),  Pala Jewelry (Japan) and many more; 

the Essence: Blending the lines between fashion and art, TIMAGINARIUM brings a little magic to Sydney;

this imaginative retail space and creative consultancy erases the line between fashion, design and art;

the Facts:  With more than ten years of industry experience under his belt, Alexey Oleshov is no stranger to the emotive power of interesting fashion.  Drawing upon his current role as the Creative Director for luxury concept store Cara&Co, Oleshov has launched a new retail venture with his wife Olga. Equally influenced by Olga’s practice as an artist, Timaginarium is a meeting of the minds, doubling as a retail store and art space;

inspired by the modern classic The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Timaginarium was born. Adding the letter T to its name, a nod to their son Timofey, Alexey explains the motivation behind the project. “For us fashion, art and design are interrelated. It’s all about imagination and creativity, and of course the right balance between these aspects.”;

the result is a carefully curated treasure trove, filled with fun yet stylish womenswear – think sequins, prints and embellishments - alongside handcrafted leather goods, vintage jewellery and antique collectibles. Each collection is sourced globally, with the current offering featuring wares from Brazil, France, South Korea and the UK. With the addition of bespoke items created especially for Timaginarium, most of the eclectic range is sourced at international Fashion Week events, exhibitions and at a few of the duo’s favourite secret spots;

the Find: A sequined cropped tee, embellished with the all-seeing eye makes a bold statement piece;

text credit @urbanwalkabout

established in 2014.

sydney, Australia.

288 Oxford Street Paddington, 2021, NSW.

+61 (0) 467632972